Homestead University Classes

Homesteading University

Look around. In increasing numbers urban Americans are abandoning the city,
reaching back to their heritage, and moving to the country to live on small, family farms.

Homesteading University On-line is dedicated to those individuals, and all people who strive for a healthier, more independent, self-sufficient lifestyle.

At Homesteading University we're creating a community to exchange ideas, learn techniques and experiment -- a place to hone manual and intellectual skills and develop the character traits needed by the modern-day homesteader.

Homesteading University

While we assemble the most experienced, knowledgeable and nationally recognized craftsmen, farmers and gardeners for our faculty… and create our unique, comprehensive curriculum on sustainability and the survival arts, why not look over the wide variety of virtual classes and seminars that will be available from HU On-line - and the wealth of knowledge available in our Student Union Book Store and Supply Center…

Then, attend a sample class on vertical hydroponic gardening now available right here on HU On-line.

Also, you can view some other informative clips on sustainability by clicking on the YouTube Sustaining Videos icon on this page.