Homestead University Classes

Assembling a Hydroponic Growing Tower

Assembling a Hydroponic Growing Tower With Instructor Dean Dekker of Dekker Family Farms, located in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

This is a sample of an instructional class on how to assemble a hydroponic growing system, with Homesteading University Faculty Member, Dean Dekker.


This Beginner Level Class and provides 30 minutes of video instructions for assembling a revolutionary hydroponic vertical growing tower system.

  • The class includes instructions for:
  • Ideal Assembly of the Tower
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroponic Tower System
  • Kit Description and Details
  • Setting up the Reservoir
  • Mixing and Loading Growing Medium in Planting Trays
  • Loading Trays onto Towers
  • Diffuser Pot Placement
  • Setting up the Irrigation Tubing
  • Reservoir Placement and Pump Information
  • Calibrating Water Flow
  • Timing of Irrigation
  • Quantity and Placement of Plants in Trays
  • Helpful hints for growing vegetables in a hydroponic system

If you are interested in growing vegetables hydroponically, this class covers information and how-to assemble and tower placement, how to load the growing medium correctly and includes a general introduction to growing with this type of system.

Dekker Family Farms is a family owned U-Pick farm located in Fort Pierce, Florida. The farm specializes in naturally grown strawberries and vegetables. You can visit the farm to learn more about the Dekker Family Farms.